Ronny Turiaf jumps over a monster truck in response to Kobe jumping over an Aston Martin…5 years ago

Published on August 21st, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 7,354 views

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This is one late response.  SportsNation and ex Laker Ronny Turiaf put out this spoof video of Turiaf responding to Kobe jumping over an Aston Martin…5 years ago!

It was back in April of 2008 when Kobe’s website (before Bryant was on social networks) released a video of Kobe promoting his new Nike Hyperdunks by jumping over an Aston Martin despite then teammate Turiaf telling him it’s not a good idea.  Kobe did “jump over” the car and then “jumped over” a bunch of snakes with the Jackass crew and then a bunch of parody videos, mainly with a Shaq double, appeared on the internet.

5 years later, here we are talking about 2008 again thanks to Ronny Turiaf.

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