Usually when there’s a cop and Zach Randolph next to each other it’s not a laughing matter but that was the case in this video that ...(Read more)

Rudy Gay posts video of Zach Randolph failing a DUI test

Usually when there’s a cop and Zach Randolph next to each other it’s not a laughing matter but that was the case in this video that Rudy Gay posted of Z-Bo somehow failing a DUI test in the locker room.

Lucky for Z-Bo, Rudy and his camera weren’t always around.   So what are a few things Rudy could of recorded?  Here’s a few as told by ESPN TrueHoop

Randolph was locked up for stealing a pair of pants. He got in legal trouble for battery and then served more time for selling a stolen gun. That was all before the end of high school, and that last incident resulted in his missing much of the basketball season to suspension. The next year he led his high school team to the finals of the state championship, and there was talk of lessons learned. He played a season under Tom Izzo at Michigan State without getting in trouble. By the time of the 2001 draft, most teams were still wary of drafting the MVP of the McDonald’s All-American team as high as his basketball talent demands.

The Blazers took him 21st, and he was quickly a productive player. By the time he was 22, his GM at the time, John Nash, was quoted saying that the team was building around Randolph, and expected him to make them proud.

He was cited for underage drinking in 2002. In 2004, his brother shot three people in a nightclub. Randolph reportedly pulled his brother from the incident, but got in trouble with the police for, allegedly, lying about what happened. He’s on video flipping the bird to booing NBA fans. He threw a headband at a referee. He broke then-teammate Ruben Patterson’s eye socket by punching him. He was cited for drag racing. He asked for time off to grieve a death in the family back home in the Midwest. He then spent that night in Portland, as his teammates took the court across town, in a strip club where — adding insult to insult — he left without paying his bill.

In 2006, Randolph had an MTV crew to his house. He showed off the bible in the entrywayand the photo he had taken with Nelson Mandela, but to many the more noteworthy decorating touch was the “Free Larry Hoover” poster; Hoover is the jailed leader of the Chicago-based Gangster Disciples.

Police cleared Randolph after a rape accusation in an incident Randolph’s attorney called nothing but an extortion attempt. The public complaint in that case, however, was sordid enough to cost Randolph many of his remaining Portland fans.

Brandon Roy cemented his place as the Blazers’ leader in no small part by shutting Randolph up in the post-game locker room. By the time Randolph was traded to the Knicks (for Steve Francis’ horrible contract and Channing Frye) in 2007, he arrived in New York to talk of his “last chance” to prove he had grown up.

Randolph had a video crew to his New York house and talked about how after the game he would eat with his family — implying the tales of nightlife-gone-wrong were a thing of the past. The Knicks continued to be terrible. Randolph made YouTube history with poor, selfish play.

As the Knicks cleaned house, Randolph was traded to the Clippers, with more talk of rehabbing his image. After a DUI arrest and a suspension for punching Louis Amundson in the jaw, he was traded, below-market, to the Grizzlies.

And here we are…..




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