Russell Westbrook Gets 6th Triple Double in 8 Games..But Did He Really Get a 10th Rebound?

Russell Westbrook is still on an amazing streak since the All-Star break where he won the MVP award of the All-Star game and on Friday night he had 29, 12 & 10 for his 6th triple double in 8 games!

This accomplishment put him with MJ, Magic and LeBron as the only players in the past 30 years to put up 6 triple doubles in a season while scoring atleast 25 points. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Westbrook pass LeBron (6) and possibly Magic (7 & 9) but it’s very unlikely he will reach Jordan’s 12.

I’m not trying to take anything away from Westbrook but you could argue that the NBA should have done that with the triple double because of a questionable last rebound.