Russell Westbrook Rejects Dirk’s Dunk Attempt During 29 Point Beatdown

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Russell Westbrook

That’s no way to treat an aging legend with a bruised right knee, especially on a night when Dirk got to pass the legend Wilt Chamberlain for 16th place on the NBA All-Time Playoff scoring list.  We aren’t going to get many more dunks from Dirk in his career so if he’s about to give us one, while doing the MJ tongue thing, and your team is up by 9 and heading to a 29 point win, I think you can let him have a home town throw down.

But we are talking about the beast that is Beastbrook and he not only rejected that weak dunk attempt from Dirk, he put up 26 points and 15 assists in the Dallas beat down.


This happened to Dirk earlier in the year