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Russell Westbrook Shows Off His Dance Moves With Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes & Odell Beckham

#LP #Tyga #ChrisBrown #50Cent #RusselWestbrook #OdellBeckham

A video posted by ness  (@nessb0o) on

So does having great moves on the basketball court mean you have just as great of moves on the dance floor?  Considering what Westbrook did in the final months of the season was nothing short of amazing and what he did on a Vegas stage this weekend with Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Odell Backham, Busta Rhymes and Akon was…..interesting, I would say the answer to that question is NO.

But just like many of his outfits, Westbrook can try and/or do just about anything and still seem cool…even when he’s doing his 2-step.

mpiEKP-0503-Brown-34 Chris Brown performs at Drai’s Nightclub NV




Check out Busta Rhymes in this pic. If you missed out on his 2013 album with Q-Tip – The Abstract & the Dragon – then I suggest you check it out because it’s one of the most underrated hip-hop albums of the past few years.

Good enough to make you dance like Westbrook.

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