Scary Jumping Over a Car Dunk FAIL at City Slam Dunk Contest

Earlier this month, Guy Dupuy won the Washington DC City Slam dunk contest with a between the legs dunk over a car.  At that same event, another contestant tried to do a dunk over the car and the result was a scary FAIL!

But before you start going off on this guy for messing up a dunk that Blake Griffin made popular by doing a very mediocre dunk, I want you to know that Purdie would destroy Blake in a dunk contest and he’s been one of the best dunkers in teh world for the past few years.

Here’s a mix to back up my claim.

Now with that said, that dunk FAIL at City Slam was pretty funny – once I realized he wasn’t hurt. Lucky for Purdie, he also wasn’t the only guy to have a car dunk fail this year.  Meet Lloyd Hickinson – winner of the “Golden Chihuahua All-Star Game Dunk Contest….seriously the “Golden Chihuahua.