SHAQ-FU PT2!! Preview of Shaq’s new video game “ShaqDown”

Published on January 10th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 2,093 views

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As a huge Shaq fan in the mid 90s I bought everything with his name on it.  Reebok shoes eventhough I was a Converse, Fila,  Nike guy.  Pepsi eventhough I was a Coke drinker.  Tacos although I was a Big Mac eater.  I went to see Blue Chips on opening night in the theater instead of watching the Magic kill the Sonics and bought his CDs instead of the CDs of the artist featured on his CD.  I don’t have regrets about any of those but I still want my money back for buying Shaq-Fu on Super Nintendo.  That game effing sucked and that’s not subjective either.  It’s a fact that game sucked.

Almost 2 decades a later a sequel of sorts comes our way in the form of “ShaqDown” and from the looks of the trailer it doesn’t look thaaaat bad if you like the idea of killing zombies with the MDE. If you think i’m making a mistake by buying it then just check out what I spent my McDonalds check with below. Also the game only cost $0.99 for Google Play or at App Store.  I’m sure I payed $30+ for Shaq-Fu!







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