Shaq & Pippen Are Having An Ugly But Oh So Funny Instagram Fight: I was Puffy you was Mase

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Scottie Pippen Shaquille O’Neal

“I thought I told you we wont’ stop, I thought I told you we won’t stop. Eh-eh, Eh-eh.”

In the summer of 1996 one of the hottest songs was ‘Only You’ by 112, Biggie, Puffy & Mase. The Summer jam came out just 1 week after Michael Jordan won his 4th NBA championship and a month after the 72-10 Bulls swept Shaq and the Orlando Magic in the ECF. A month later, Shaq broke up the duo that had the potential to be the best ever and signed with the Lakers where he and Kobe Bryant would eventually win 3 championships together.  But first, the Lakers’ “Batman & Robin” had to get swept in the playoffs a couple more times and watch Jordan, Pippen and the Bulls win 2 more championships.

Flashforward to almost exactly 9 years after Shaq signed with the Lakers to July 20th 2015.  Shaq posted an instagram pic of 5 great Lakers and Bulls and says the all-time Lakers starting 5 would beat the Bulls by 50. I explained that although I believe the Lakers starting 5 is better than the Bulls, the pic should have included Artis Gilmore, not an out of position Horace Grant (who was with the Magic when the Bulls swept them and with the Lakers for part of their championship years).

Pippen, not only didn’t “like” the instagram pic but felt offended enough to reply with a pic of his own and then it was 90’s Bad Boy vs Death Row all over again with Shaq (Puff) Daddy saying “I thought I told you we wont’ stop” to the Bull Shaq considers sidekick Mase.

To be continued?



My favorite battle of words involving Scottie Pippen came in 1999 when he and his former “sidekick” Charles Barkley got into it and had some not so kind things to say about each other in the news.

This is how that all went down.