Shaq’s Forgotten Monster Triple Double of 24 Points, 28 Rebounds and 15 Blocks (w/ a cold) in 1993

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UPDATE: On November 20th of 2016, the NBA finally uploaded footage from this game.

UPDATE: On August 19th of 2015, LamarMatic uploaded footage I’ve been waiting 22 years to see again.  He also did a nice breakdown on the blocks (block-by-block) and showed how a few were goaltending and a few others were fouls or just non-blocks. Regardless if he really had 10, 15 or any number in between, Shaq was great especially considering he put up these numbers in 36 minutes with a cold!


ORIGINAL POST: I don’t know why or how but I have 4 VHS tapes of Orlando Magic footage from Shaq’s years with the franchise in the early to mid 90s but NO footage from his great but forgotten performance on November 20th of of 1993. Even more mind boggling is the fact there’s over 889k videos of Shaq on Youtube but no footage of him destroying the Nets during his 2nd year in the league with 24 points, 28 rebounds (yes 28) and 15 blocks (YES 15!) – with a cold!

“I guess I played OK,” said O’Neal after the game. “The change in weather bothers me. It’s hard to play in one city where it’s 40 degrees and the next where it’s 80. I knew I had a few blocks, but I didn’t realize I had 15. But if we had lost, it wouldn’t have meant anything.”

He knew he had a “few.”  Whatever Shaq. The 15 blocks is a franchise record and tied for 2nd with Manute Bol for most in NBA history. The 28 rebounds was a franchise record until 2013 when Nikola Vucevic broke it (in OT) with 29.

What many youngsters who only know Shaq from his Lakers and “lazy” twilight years don’t know is Shaq was one of the premier shot blockers and rebounders in the league. He was actually 2nd – only to Dennis “nothing else to do but rebound” Rodman – in the league in total rebounds for 4 of his first 5 years and was 2nd in blocks per game during his rookie season. But due to constant foul trouble during his rookie campaign and the Magic’s desire for him to score more, O’Neal had to chill on defense a little so he could stay on the court and score more. The result of this change was Shaq went from 9th to 2nd in scoring in his 2nd season and led the NBA in scoring during his 3rd season. But this was all before social media, youtube and championships in LA with Kobe so it’s all but forgotten – but not as forgotten as the most impressive triple double in the past 2 decades.



Shaq, born in Newark, New Jersey, always had a history of memorable games and moments against the Nets.  During his first meeting with the Nets he scored 29 but the memorable moment came courtesy of Derrrick Coleman who scored 30 and threw down the only “poster dunk” on Shaq during his career.  After the game, Shaq vowed to never get posterized again and to make the Nets pay.

And he did make them pay. Shaq’s next visit to New Jersey resulted in a broken backboard – the 2nd of Shaq’s rookie season.

Then the next time Shaq came back to his hometown, he put up the monster triple double which we have NO FOOTAGE OF!  As for Derrick Coleman, who dunked on Shaq the year before, he came down on his right ankle in the 3rd quarter and left the game with a season low 8 points and 8 boards. If that wasn’t enough to frustrate the late great Coach Chuck Daly, who’s been watching his Nets players go down like flies over the past few games, he thought the officials were padding Shaq’s stats.

“We did a decent job on (Shaq). I think it’s very hard on the officials because some of the things he does, a lot of his blocks are close to being goaltending.” said Daly after the loss.

That might be true but Shaq’s 3 blocks on Armon Gilliam in the 4th were clean; but thankfully for Gilliam, we have no footage or pics to prove it.


Shaq’s dominance over the Nets didn’t end in Orlando. In 1998, Shaq scored 50 on the franchise and in 2002, Shaq helped the Lakers sweep the Nets in the NBA Finals. Yes, we do have footage to prove that including a near monster triple double of 40, 12 and 8 in game 2 of the Finals.








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