Steph Curry gets into an argument with a fan at the end of GM5

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Mark Jackson accused the Nuggets of sending “hit men” to take out Steph’s ankles.  At the end of Game 5, the star playing like the star of superstars in the playoffs was walking to the lockerroom when a Nuggets fan said something to Curry that pissed him off enough to turn around and confront the fan.  Obviously the spoiled fan that has no problem crossing the line because he can afford seats in Denver that wont give you nose bleeds isn’t a hit man but it does seem like Steph has a big target on his back now . It comes with the fame and superstardom and that’s where Curry belongs.

Hopefully he bounces back in GM6 from his “mediocre” performance of 15 and 8 and hopefully that fan enjoys his 15 minutes (more like seconds) of fame.

Speaking of Steph and lockerooms.  Curry was on The Dan Patrick Show and discussed the Jason Collins story and this was his view on having an elephant in the lockerroom.

“You’d have to think about it, for sure,” Curry said. “Just because you haven’t really crossed that situation before and now it’s in the open. You want everybody to be on the same page about it in the locker room so that there aren’t any underlying problems. I think it’s a conversation that everybody can have.”

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