Steph Curry Pretends To Be Pizza Guy, Surprise Kids At His Basketball Camp In Hawaii

At some basketball camps headlined by a NBA player, you will be lucky if you even get to shake the hands of that headliner. At Steph Curry’s camps, you will not only get to see and learn from the MVP, you might even get a surprise visit from him…at your room! And if you were smart enough to have a funny reaction to seeing him while wearing a shirt with a big Under Armour logo on it, you might even end up on a viral video. Good thinking kid.

The cute video posted to the Warriors’ Twitter account took place during the 4-day Steph Curry Overnight Camp in BYU-Hawaii (with a price tag of $2,250 not including travel). We didn’t get to go to Hawaii, but we were lucky enough to attend his SC Select Camp earlier in the week and captured some not-so-cute footage of the best high school point guards in the nation breaking each other’s ankles in front of Curry. Stay tuned for that footage!

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Steph Curry's SC Select Camp was a success once again. Many of the top guards in the nation learned from the best guard in the world. Stay tuned for more videos coming soon! @uabasketball @uaassociation

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But the happiest person in this story – besides the owner of Dominos Pizza – is Curry himself. On Monday, he got the pleasant surprise of hearing about a new addition to the Warriors.