Steph Curry Rejects Justin Timberlake, Then Shoots 3 Airballs At Celeb Golf Tournament

Here’s an amusing moment from the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe over this past weekend: Justin Timberlake trying to show he still has game – remember when N’Sync used to play in the awesome MTV Rock N Jock games? – and gets rejected by a finger-wagging Steph Curry.

Equally amusing was watching Timberlake, with the assist of Curry, try to make a shot afterwards. It took the Memphis Grizzlies minority owner six attempts before making one, while it only took Alfonso “Carlton” Ribeiro three.

Curry then tried to show off his shooting range but ended up missing all 6 of his attempts – 3 being airballs.

The “Big 3” of the tournament also entertained the crowd by doing the famous “Carlton” dance.

Speaking of Curry blocking white guys, here’s a great throwback video of a rookie Steph Curry rejecting a butt-hurt David Lee. Little did they know they would end up winning a NBA championship together and a big reason for that was the play of David Lee in the Finals.