Stephen Jackson shows off his Sneaker Closet | MJ makes SJAX drop “horrible” Protege shoes

Published on October 19th, 2012 by Astramskas, David | 6,152 views

Shout out to Nice Kicks for their new “Sneak Peek” series where they showcase NBA player’s sneaker collections.   The first episode focuses on Stephen Jackson who deserves the award for most entertaining NBA player on YouTube during this past summer.

The most entertaining moment in this video comes when Jackson talks about his short time with the short lived Protege shoes (supposedly made real alligator sneakers) that he was endorsing for Al Harrington.  He called the shoes “horrible” and said he would have to change them during the game which caused Bobcats owner MJ to tell him to drop those zeros and get with a hero (speaking of himself of course).

Watching this really made me miss MTV Cribs and I just thought of the missed opportunity to have Jackson show off his whole crib including the assumed rap studio and gun collection.

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