Storytime: Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Fallon were sent on a beer run in 1996

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| February 5th, 2015 | 124 Views

It’s hard to imagine there once was a time, in LA of all places, when one of the greatest basketball players of all-time and the current host of The Tonight Show would be a couple of “nobodies” at a party that would be sent on a beer-run.

Kobe Bryant made an appearance on last night’s The Tonight Show to reminisce about that time and his first meeting with a pre-SNL Jimmy Fallon and how an underage Kobe was allowed to get beer from a delivery-only grocery store by showing his Laker ID.

If that story wasn’t enough to make people like me, who remember Kobe and Jimmy in the 90s, feel old as hell, Jimmy also reunited the cast of my favorite Saturday morning show (yes more than Inside Stuff and the original Yo! MTV Raps) ever: Saved By The Bell – minus Screech who was arrested last month for stabbing a guy at a bar.

Saved By the Bell ended before Kobe was a “somebody” but Bryant did end up on another NBC Saturday morning show during his rookie year: Hang Time!

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