Tech or No Tech? LeBron Hanging On The Rim In Christmas Games

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LeBron James

With a little less than two minutes left in the Cavs & Warriors Christmas thriller, LeBron James threw down a monster and-1 dunk between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, then hung, swung, etc on the rim for a good two seconds. The play had Cavs fans dancing and screaming for joy while Warriors' fans were screaming for a tech because LeBron wasn't in any danger of hurting himself or another player.  The NBA YouTube channel doesn't want you to see this but Ballislife alum Ximo uploaded the live video to his superior NBA YouTube channel.

LeBron did miss the free throw, so I guess that was the Basketball Gods way of making up for the call. And maybe the refs letting LeBron get away with hanging on the rim this Christmas was an apology for calling a tech on him during a Christmas game in 2014 against the Heat, when he had a right to hang and pull himself on the rim.


So what's the difference? It seems the refs just don't like it when you do a pull up on the rim. Take a look at this example of Westbrook pulling his head above the rim earlier this season and getting a tech, even though he was hanging on the rim for less than a second.

Then again Nate The Great was whistled for a tech for this...

Let's just call the no-call on LeBron a Christmas gift - Klay Thompson would.

(UPDATE: The league announced on 12.26.16 that LeBron should have been given a technical for "deliberately hanging on the rim.")

Speaking of LeBron and hanging on the rim incidents, he also deserves some credit for this smart play from last season.