Teddy Dupay’s 16 Tips To Improve Your Shooting Accuracy

Check out high school scoring legend Coach Teddy “Trigger” Dupay with 16 tips to improve your shooting accuracy.

If you aren’t familiar with “Teddy Trigger,” here’s a few bullets on the shooters resume.

  • Averaged 41.5 points per game as a high school senior
  • Scored 29 points in the last 4 and half minutes of a game
  • Scored 50 points by half-time in another game
  • 70 points in 3 quarters in another
  • 13 3-pointers in 32 minutes
  • 3,744 career points (Florida HS record)
  • Florida’s Mr Basketball
  • Made 5,000 3-pointers within 24 hours

I think he’s qualified to give shooting tips.

And here’s a bonus tip on how to improve your crossover.