This is ridiculous I thought we passed the racial stage of society. — Devin Gifford (@dgiff_) February 14, 2015 Yes this photo was taken just ...(Read more)

Texas Students Hold Up “White Power” Signs During Basketball Game Against Rival School

Yes this photo was taken just last week on the date of February 13th of 2015.  Yes, in 2015 a group of racist students at Flower Mound held up signs that said “WHITE POWER” and reportedly yelled racial slurs at their rival Plano East team.  The idiot fans were only able to hold the signs up for 30 seconds until teachers rushed over to take the signs but within 30 seconds, pictures were taken and shared across social media.

Flower Mound’s coach, Eric Littleton, also tweeted about the incident:  “Unacceptable. As head coach at FMHS I offer our full voice apology. I will pursue this fully. No place for this.”

According to other students on Twitter, Flower Mound students also defecated and urinated on the Plano East teams’ bus but  neither district could confirm that damage.

Source: USA Today




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