The $750,000 Sneaker Collection

The phrases “Sneaker Head” & “Sneaker Collection” doesn’t sit too well with Mark “Mayor” Farese.  Mayor possibly owns the largest and most expensive sneaker collection to this day.  You name it he has it.  I’m being serious, Nike has even sent exclusives his way for owning an outrageous collection.  It also doesn’t hurt the fact that he’s heavily involved in the sneaker community.  Such as being a brand ambassador or hosting and being apart of sneaker events.  The coolest thing about this guy is that he was given 9 pairs of Air Yeezy’s and he gave them all away because he’s a good person, well the fact that he wasn’t feeling them to begin with probably played a big role too, BUT STILL, he gave away 9 pairs… 9 PAIRS! Check the video above of his massive collection.

Source: Forbes