The Best Contest Dunk by the Best Contest Dunker in the Best Dunk Contest…Where is the Love?

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Watch the entire Slam Dunk Showdown 

So I’m watching NBATV on Sunday before the NBA All-Star game and looking at the ticker below.  I see the results of all the NBA events including the very controversial and for most people disappointing NBA dunk contest and then I see the D-League results including the D-League dunk contest and then everything repeats.  What bothered me was that some of the most exciting moments from NBA AllStar weekend, outside of the main event, happened late Friday afternoon right before the NBA celeb game – which produced zero future cooler talk moments.  That event was the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown contest which is the finals for the dunk contest tour that looks for the the best “amateur dunkers”.  Some of you might be thinking it’s just some small event and we are only saying that because we have athletes competing in the event and we film and edit videos for them.

Yes it’s true we are service providers for the tour but we didn’t get one of the hottest rappers out, J.Cole and Drake in the past, to judge the event and perform a couple of songs before it.  We didn’t get dunk legend Darryl Dawkins to judge. We didn’t get LeBron James to surprise the audience by coming into the event.  We didn’t get a hyped up Serge Ibaka,  Andrea Bargnani & Omri Casspi to jump out of their seats and chest bump the dunkers. We definitely didn’t get Kobe Bryant to show up at the end of the event but all of those things happened for the buzzing packed house in Orlando.  The cherry on top is behind all that star power was an amazing exhibition of athletic dunks by the  most talented dunkers in the world like Kenny Dobbs, Air Dogg, Jonsey, Kasper, and Air Up There, Tdub, Young Hollywood & JusFly in the past.

That contest, although limited to only 2 rounds, produced a bunch of dunks that would of easily of beat out Jeremy Evans, Blake Griffin and most of the recent dunk contestants in a dunk contest.  Just look at our 2012 winner Kenny Dobbs.  20 years ago, Cedric Ceballos won the NBA dunk contest by putting on a “blindfold.”  This weekend runner up Chase Budginer put on the same blindfold and did a reverse dunk.  The night before, Kenny Dobbs put on the same blindfold Chase and Cedric wore and then jumped over 3 people and went between his legs. Kenny combined 3 dunks that basically could win a dunk contest into 1!  There was a time when Kobe Bryant and JR Rider won a dunk contest by going between their legs.  Air Up There went between his legs and did a 360.  There was a time when Dominique could win a contest with windmills.  AirDogg did a windmill over 2 people.  Harold Minor won a contest with a windmill cuff dunk.  Kenny Dobbs did the cuff dunk by jumping over a person and grabbing the ball from that person’s hand.   These combinations are what makes the Sprite Showdown the best dunk contest in the world and shows where the evolution of dunking has taken us.

So the next time you or somebody you know complains that the NBA dunk contest is wack because of gimmicks, or there’s no new dunks to be done, tell them to follow the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown Tour and witness what had LeBron and Kobe shaking their heads on Friday and a group of NBA players talking about the next night.

I’m not going to give away the names but a few high profile NBA players talked to Kenny including one that said he wants to be in the dunk contest next year and could use Kenny’s help coming up with some dunks.  All I can say is the combination of those two will be epic.  Maybe Kenny will have to change his name from “The Dunk Inventor” to “The Dunk Consultant.”

Earlier I did mention how I was upset that the D-League Dunk Contest was mentioned and not the Sprite Showdown but I want to make this very clear that the D-League Dunk Contest is awesome and in terms of showing off pure dunking skills it’s also superior to the NBA Dunk Contest.  Check out our coverage of the D-League and NBA Dunk contest again…or not if you thought it was too “gimmicky.”




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