According to an @NBA_Reddit user, the Hawks have forgotten Jeff Teague at the Palace — Martinsek (@IAmMartinsek) March 27, 2016 The initial question is “how ...(Read more)

The Hawks Forgot Jeff Teague & His $5 Little Ceasers Pizza At The Palace

The initial question is “how did the Hawks’ Jeff League get left behind at the Palace?” Yes, he was cold and only hit 3 of 12 shots against the Pistons, but he also had a game-high 12 assists in the win.

But after a closer look at the pic above, the bigger questions are.

  • Is Jeff Teague eating a $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza from Little Ceasers – arguably the worst pizza you can buy.
  • Why is Jeff Teague holding the pizza that way. Then again, if it is Little Ceasers pre-made nastiness, then you can turn it sideways, upside down, smack it, flip or rub it down, and it’s still going to maintain it’s shape.

At least Teague got to see his sister and become MJ, sort of…


As embarrassing as this story is, it’s not as bad as the time Allen Iverson left him behind.

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