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As you can see from the highlights above, this league is no joke. Last year was off the chain, and this year has already started with a slew of talent. There’s a good amount of our who-to-watch players playing in this event as well. Etop Udo-Ema does a great job at getting some of the top high schools not only in Southern California but Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona as well. There isn’t another fall league that we have been to that is as competitive as this one!

Make sure to come out and support the event and the Compton Magic @Players Edge in Corona, Ca

Players Edge is a new state of the art multi-court facility and is located at the following address:

1871 N Delilah
Corona, CA 92879

OCTOBER 30, 2011


8 am             MOC (JV) vs Corona Panthers  Poly Frosh vs Team PE  Roosevelt vs Corona Kings

9 am             Corona Panthers vs Magic 2015  Corona Kings vs Cali Style Silver  MOC (F) vs Poly JV

10 am           Magic 2015 vs MOC(JV)  Cali Style Silver vs Team Magic LA  Roosevelt vs Corona Panthers

11 am           The Magic (AZ) vs Ayala  Pasadena vs Mo Valley  Team Magic LA vs CH Bruins

12 pm           Corona Centennial vs Ayala    JW North vs Redondo   Corona Roosevelt vs Don Lugo

1 pm            The Magic (AZ) vs Pasadena   Mo Valley vs Don Lugo

2 pm            Redondo vs Cor Roosevelt   Cor Centennial vs Villa Park   JW North vs Canyon Springs

3 pm: LV Lutheran(Grant Jarrett 2012 WTW) vs Team Magic (az) / Rancho Verde vs Don Lugo / Hunt Beach vs Riverside Poly

4 pm: Villa Park vs Santiago / San Diego vs San Bernardino  

5 pm: LV Lutheran(Grant Jarrett 2012 WTW) vs Rancho Verde / Riverside Poly vs Chino Hills / San Diego vs Santiago

NOVEMBER 6, 2011

10 am: Sac Grant vs Cor Roosevelt /  Riverside Poly vs Villa Park / Mo Valley vs Hunt Beach

11 am: Santiago vs San Bernardino / Mayfair vs Hunt Beach  / Vista vs Canyon Springs

12 pm: LV Orange(Shabazz Muhammed 2012 WTW) vs Ribet / Pasadena vs Villa Park / Sacramento Grant vs Riverside Poly

1 pm: LB Poly(Tyler Dorsey 2015 WTW) vs Cor Roosevelt / Mayfair vs Santiago / Mo Valley vs Vista

2 pm: LV Orange(Shabazz Muhammed 2012 WTW) vs LV Lutheran(Grant Jarrett 2012 WTW) / JW North vs Pasadena / Sacramento Grant vs San Diego

3 pm: Ayala vs Serra / LB Poly vs Riverside King / Rancho Verde vs Compton

4 pm: LV Orange(Shabazz Muhammad 2012 WTW) vs O Lutheran(Gabe York 2012 WTW) / JW North vs Chino Hills / San Diego vs Don Lugo

5 pm: O Lutheran(Gabe York 2012 WTW) vs Compton / Serra vs Rancho Verde  / Riverside King vs Ayala


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