The Legend of Aaron Harrison is growing | game winner vs Wisconsin

“Man, he’s going to be a legend now.’ But this is what he does.” Aaron Sr. says to CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel. “He’s been hitting game-winners since he was in fourth grade. His first one, he was about 10 years old and it was as far as that shot against Michigan. I swear.”

Doyel then asked Aaron’s father, how many game winners does his son have.

“His final year of AAU ball, 17-and-under, we played 75 games,” Aaron Sr. said. “And he hit 12 game-winners.”

It was the summer before their senior year when I was standing in a packed gym next to ESPN and sports reporters like Doyel awaiting for Andrew and Aaron Harrison to announce that they would be attending the University of Kentucky.  I could hear some of the media and adults saying the top ranked high school kids were overrated while the students at the school chanted the twins’ names and discussed how good they will be in college before becoming NBA stars.

In Richmond, Katy, Houston, Sugarland and other areas around Travis High School, the twins were already local legends that could do no wrong before they stepped onto the Kentucky campus but during their first season at Kentucky, it seemed that those critics I was standing next to back in 2012 were much larger and louder now and proudly pointing out all the flaws in their game and bringing up their “negative body language.”

Coach Calipari even said he received a phone call from another coach back in January saying “To be honest, I’m a little surprised. I thought those twins would’ve wrecked your team by now.”

Calipari’s response.

“They’re not the problem,” he said. “They’re the solution.”

They are the solution and last week against Michigan, Aaron Harrison became a Kentucky legend after hitting a 3 pointer to put the Wildcats in the Final 4.

Then last night, the legend of Aaron Harrison grew even bigger when he hit a similar 3-pointer against Wisconsin to put the Wildcats in the National Championship game against UConn.

Will we see another miracle to end another chapter on Monday?

“You can’t be scared to miss, and you want to be that guy that wants to take the big shots,” Aaron Harrison said.

“I told you, this is what he does,” Aaron Sr. said. “He wants that last-second shot. Not everybody wants it, but he wants it. He goes looking for it.”






Source: Bleacher Report  CBS Sports

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