The NBA YouTube Channel Gets Roasted For Showing Curry’s 75 Foot Shot That Didn’t Count

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Steph Curry

We all know YouTubers can be ruthless in the comments and the NBA YouTube channel has taken a lot of $#it over the past few years for showing so many Steph Curry and Warriors videos and skipping great highlights from lesser popular players.  On Monday, they showed a video of Steph Curry hitting an impressive 75 foot shot after the clock expired and got roasted for it.

  • NBA would make a video of Curry masturbating (37 likes)
  • It didn’t count. Why are you showing us this? If Jordan Clarkson did this you wouldn’t post it (54 likes)
  • But couldn’t hit 1 three in the final minutes of game 7. (44 likes)
  • Remember when Terrence Ross hit a 3 pointer, but the shot clock hadn’t inspired yet…
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  • Seen plenty of players do this shit before and not get a video. Mario Chalmers atleast twice and no video.
  • what’s next nba, a vid of you blowing him?
  • NBA would make a video for Curry even if it didn’t count but if it was any other player..
  • The NBA is riding Stephen curry dick reverse cowgirl
  • TBH if Westbrook or Harden did this, they would call it “lucky”
  • When anyone makes an amazing shot that doesn’t count (like T-Ross vs Kings), the NBA shows nothing, but when that little fucker makes an amazing shot that doesn’t count, they just have to dickride Stephanie.

But it wasn’t all hate. Curry did have plenty of fans stick up for him and let the angry YouTubers know they need need a life.

  • all these haters got me weak omfg, its literally a 40 sec vid of the greatest shooter making a sick shot yet y’all getting your panties in a twist lmfao #getalife
  • Ain’t gonna lie that shot was wet asf

As for the rest of the game, Curry was off (2-6 3pt) but wasn’t needed as the Warriors roasted the Pacers 120-83.  Curry had 22 points in 30 minutes.

As for the NBA YouTube channel, Ximo Pierto (Ballislife alumni) is much better and the real MVP of YouTube.


Just for the Curry haters.