The Unsatisfied Career of Josh Childress: 11 years, 6 teams & 0 titles

Published on July 3rd, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 4,604 views

How many people in the world can say they made over $60 million and still be unsatisfied with their careers?  In sports, you might be surprised to see how many would raise their hands.

Former NBA player Josh Childress is one them with his hands up and that’s because he’s played 11 years of pro basketball with 6 teams and has 0 titles to show for it. The former 6th pick in the 2004 NBA draft is also unsatisfied with the way his overseas career has gone over the past few years since leaving the NBA – a decision that was his not a teams.

In the latest Grit Media video, Josh talks about being unsatisfied, living out a career he didn’t envision for himself and staying “focused on not letting those career hangups dictate his future.”



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