This is what wedding pictures of a dunk contest champion look like


Kassey Weaver is a professional photographer who has had her share of “traditional” wedding shoots – you know, sunset background, couples about to kiss, lots of grass or maybe a beach setting so sand can get all over the wedding dress.  But she got to do a pretty awesome and unique recent photoshoot with new Harlem Globetrotter and 2014 NAIA Dunk Contest champion Tyler Inman and his beautiful wife Jaci.

The 6’5 high flyer from Christian University in OKC had one of the most impressive dunk showings in recent memory when he threw down a set of perfect scored dunks at the NAIA dunk contest.  The dunks must have also caught the eye of the Globies who picked him up during their annual draft on Tuesday.

So congrats Tyler on your pretty awesome 2014 so far and one of the most awesome wedding photos I’ve ever seen.  It puts my wedding pics to shame…but don’t tell my wife I said that.

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