Tinker Hatfield will Design the Kobe XI

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| August 24th, 2015 | 1,330 Views



Tinker Hatfield is a legend in my book.  The mastermind behind the entire Air Jordan series and multiple silhouettes of the Nike Sportswear line has a new task at hand.  Designing the Kobe XI for the upcoming season.  Almost everything that Tinker has touched turned into gold or I should say “FIRE“.  Although with Kobe’s recent injuries and just the thought of his career possibly ending any minute now, will the Mamba even be able to lace up the Kobe XI’s on the Hollywood hardwood? We’ll have to wait & see since the Kobe XI is due for the upcoming season.  With that being said all I have to say is… “Godspeed Tinker, Godspeed”.



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