Titus – best 2 year old basketball player in the nation…seriously

Published on February 5th, 2013 by David Astramskas | 15,187 views

There was a time when high school players didn’t get much national attention unless they were almost averaging a quadruple double like Kevin Garnett was doing.  Then came the internet and the next thing you know i’m buying VHS tapes off Ebay of a sophomore high school player named LeBron James.  Then came sites like Ballislife and the next thing you know we are showing you the best elementary kids in the nation and talking about them as the potential top player of the Class of 2018.  Last week we showed you a 3 year old dunking on another kid so we had to step it up and are now scouting 2 year olds.

Can this trick shot artist named “Titus” be the #1 NBA draft pick in 2030! Obviously I’m kidding but this video of 2 year old Titus is really cute and pretty impressive.


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