Tony Allen breaking ankles, fouling and blocking little kids at his camp

All-Defensive first teamer Tony Allen was hosting a basketball camp back in his college town and showed the 10 and 12 year old kids no mercy and the same D that he puts on Kobe and NBA players.

“First-Team All-D, baby, First-Team All-D.” Allen shouts after swatting a kids shot. “Any time I get on the hardwood, I’m competing 110 percent. I even fouled a kid today. That was a little rough, but I got to win.”

With a new 4 year $20 million extension and no longer playing behind Paul Pierce, winning is what Tony Allen is doing.

“Been a long time coming,” Allen said. “I felt my first six years in the league, I played behind Paul Pierce. I wasn’t really able to let the world see my attributes that I bring to the table. But I’ve just been working and now I’m in a great situation, as far as my team, as far as my contract, my life and all I could do now is eat, sleep and work on defense. So it’s fun to me, any time I get an award like that.”

Check out Allen picking on people closer to his size…and bigger.



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