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Top 10 “Buss Ups” of 2012 / Lakers Failing because of Jerry Buss

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Chris Shellcroft of LakeShowLife.com wrote a great finger pointing piece on the Lakers which he says is “simply put, all Buss’d up.”

Here’s the Top 10 reasons how Jerry Buss has “buss’d up” the team.  If you want to read about each buss up in more detail (which I recommend) then check out this page.

10. Failing To Re-Sign Ramon Sessions – The desperate price paid for Sessions should have been our first warning. Backup, journeymen point guards generally aren’t worth a first round pick. So by using that logic they’re definitely not worth paying the luxury tax on.

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9. The Enabling Of Andrew Bynum– Buss hung his hat on Bynum. It was his pride and joy as a Trust Fund owner’s son. He insisted on drafting Bynum after the now fired Ronnie Lester (more on him next) scouted the young big man from New Jersey. Buss gets credit for allowing Kupchak to use Bynum as a bargaining chip in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. However for allowing a teenager to grow all too comfortable into his own ego he gets another tick on the Buss up meter.

8. The Unceremonious Exit of Ronnie Lester – The unceremonious and undue manner in which Lester and many other longtime front office employees were relieved of their duties was the early writing on the wall that the Buss ups were coming.

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7. Ignoring Brian Shaw (Twice) – When Phil Jackson stepped down there was plenty of momentum behind Brian Shaw getting the opportunity to take the helm of the Laker ship. The players liked him, heck, some of them like Kobe Bryant even played with him.  Of course when you’re Jim Buss and your selfish desire is to rid the franchise of all connections to Jackson then what you do is give Shaw a token interview only to not even inform him if he got the job or not.

6. Overpaying For Steve Nash – It was Buss who ultimately gave the green light to move four valuable draft picks while committing $27-million over three years to a 38-year-old guard that to date has played just two lackluster games in a Lakers uniform. Making a move for Nash was necessary but mortgaging the future was ill advised and desperate.

5. Quitting On Lamar Odom Once He Quit On The Lakers – By letting Kupchak move Odom as quickly as possible in order to dump his salary. That haphazard move crippled the Lakers’ bench and any hopes they had of winning a title as nothing came back in return except a trade exception.

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4. Hiring Mike D’Antoni – This one could easily end up being the biggest Buss up of the year. What makes the hire so hideous (aside from how much the Lake Show has regressed in such a short period of time) is that D’Antoni’s strength is offense. No secrets there. What the Lakers were lacking was a defensive presence.

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3. Firing Mike Brown – Buss insists he did his due diligence during his first coaching search. In the end it became pretty obvious that Brown got the job because he was willing to bend to whatever requests his delusional owner made of him.

2. Hiring Mike Brown – You don’t have any worries of firing Brown if he doesn’t have the job in the first place. Many of us already knew what we were in store for once he got the gig.

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1. The Failed Flirtation with Phil Jackson – Perhaps no other instance has shown the true nature of the Jim Buss regime like the Phil Jackson Buss up. This one was Buss’d from the jump. The early season firing of Brown let the entire hoops world know how Buss’d the Lakers truly were.

If nothing else that saga showed what is really going on with all these Buss ups. Inexperience and ego are ruining the best franchise in the history of hoops.

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