Topless Dancer Basketball League…Seriously

Published on November 7th, 2011 by Astramskas, David | 1,898 views

First we had a lingerie league starting and now we have a stripper league.  The topless dancers from Rick’s Cabaret in NYC presented the RBA (Rick’s Basketball Association) and showed off their new sexy uniforms to press this week.  Rick’s is huge in Texas, Houston in particular, and they are always trying experimental marketing and viral techniques to promote the club – which I respect.

Other RBA teams are being assembled at Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami, Club Onyx in Charlotte,  Dallas and Philadelphia, and Rick’s Cabarets and XTC Cabarets in New York, Houston, Dallas, Minneapolis and Indianapolis.

“We have all been disappointed that the NBA season hasn’t gotten underway yet, and a number of players who stop by the club have told us that they’d pay to see us play in our stripper heels, so we decided to form our own league,” said Gianna, a player for a team made up of dancers from the New York City club. “We plan to play as long as the NBA is locked down. We’ll announce all the details and introduce the Rick’s Cabaret New York City team at our press conference on Tuesday and I guarantee you it will be hot.”

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