Tracy McGrady Insane Dunkademics Mixtape

Published on September 26th, 2016 by Astramskas, David | 1,009 views

Check out Dunkademics’ new mixtape featuring one of the most underrated dunkers ever: Tracy McGrady! Underrated? Yep! Everybody knows T-Mac had hops and remembers his dunk on Shawn Bradley in the 2005 playoffs, but how many people remember all of the poster dunks he made before that one, especially in Toronto? Unless you had access to Raptors game during his few seasons there, you probably never even saw most of his dunks because ESPN, CNN, TNT, NBC, etc, etc could only show so many clips in a game recap and Vince Carter would fill up the entire recap.

If you subscribed to Slam Magazine in the 90s (back when the mag was 3 x thicker and wasn’t just dominated with ads by 3 shoe companies) then you at least go to hear about his nasty dunk on Kornel David.


Then came the NBA dunk contest, where he and Steve Francis had two of the most impressive showings in contest history, but again, it was overshadowed by cousin Carter.

Thankfully for YouTube, mixmakers like Dunkademcis and MaxaMillion711 and my VHS collection (yes, I’m Vincent Da), we have proof that Tracy McGrady is one of the nastiest dunkers ever and was an unappreciated highlight reel during the Vinsanity era.

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