Twitter Battle: Kevin Durant vs Nate Flowers aka The Guy Who Held His Own Against KD

Published on March 12th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 49,912 views

Unlike most NBA players and celebrities who ignore all the nonsense and noise generated by delusional, jealous and/or just flat out stupid people in the Twittersphere, Kevin Durant listens. Not only does he listen, he often replies to the noisemakers and the results are similar to what happens when an opponent talks trash to him on the court.

Enter Nate Flowers (no not the company Nate’s Flowers) from Maryland. According to him, he’s “held his own” against every NBA player who has ever crossed his path and that includes KD. Well, KD called out “Waldorf’s Finest” and the conversation turned into pure comic gold.


Source: Bleacher Report


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