Vlade Divac Says Shaq “wasn’t talented” but he was…

Vlade Divac Says Shaq “wasn’t talented” but he was…


Oh Vlade, Vlade. The Yakov Smirnoff lookalike and King of Flops who started his career as Magic Johnson’s whipping boy in LA has always been a little delusional and bitter sounding when talking about the Shaq & Kobe Lakers team his Kings – sorry, Queens as Shaq would say – couldn’t get past in the playoffs.

After Robert Horry’s historic game-winning 3-pointer in the 2002 playoffs, Divac said “everybody could make that shot” and it was nothing but “luck.”  An annoyed Horry responded to Vlade by saying he’s been hitting game-winners his whole career and Vlade better read a “paper or something.”

15 years later and it seems the man who flopped and watched Shaq drop 46 & 17, 44 & 21 and 43 & 20 on him during the Lakers 3-Peat still hasn’t picked up a paper or checked the internet and is still drinking whatever he was drinking back then.

According to the Associated Press, Divac had this to say about now minority owner of the Kings,

“I’ve been in basketball a long, long time and I have to say he’s the most talented big guy I have ever seen. Shaq wasn’t talented, he was just strong. I was talented, but I wasn’t strong.”

So the guy who put up 10 points on 2 of 14 shooting in GM1 of the 2000 playoffs was more talented than the league MVP who scored 46 on 21 of 33 shooting, hit 4 of 5 free throws, grabbed 17 rebounds and blocked 5 shots? And the reason why Divac only made one all-star team with his talent and Shaq made 15 was just because of strength? Well, I guess Vlade could say that was all fan voting but he can’t say that about 3 Finals MVP awards and 14 All-NBA selections.

Cue the highlights.

Vlade also had this high praise for current Kings center DeMarcus Cousins who also supposedly has more “talent” than Shaq.

“I want to see him be a leader of this team, truly the leader, and make everybody better,” Divac said. “He can do it with his passing, with the ability to score. He can do everything.”

Cue the Cheers song.

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