Wade throws off the glass oop & drops a video bomb on LeBron with a mop

Another Wade to LeBron oop.  Another Heat win.  Another video bomb on LeBron.  Been there, seen that, done that.  Give us something new.

Wade has been M.I.A for MIA in the last two games and they both resulted in Heat losses.  Last night, Wade made his return against the Love-less Wolves and got a little extra creative as Miami got back on track.  Wade scored 19 points and had 5 rebound and 5 assists including a fancy off the glass oop to James who flirted with a triple double (21/14/8).

Then during the post-game interview with LeBron, Wade video bombed LeBron by mopping the floor the way the Heat mopped up the Wolves by 21 points.  Wade’s bomb with a mop doesn’t top his cartwheel but it was nice to see Wade back, throwing oops, Heat winning and having fun after the game again.


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