Wesley Matthews airballs a layup over the backboard | Top Airball layups

Published on December 2nd, 2012 by Astramskas, David | 5,058 views

We’ve seen some bad wide open dunk misses in the past 48 hours but Wes Matthew’s “helium shot” over the backboard is by far the biggest fail of easy missed shots. ¬†Even Wes and his teammates had to laugh about it.
Everytime I see an air ball layup I have to watch JJ Redick’s infamous miss. ¬†Nothing to be too ashamed of because it’s happened to some of the best and a few high flyers too.

[youtube id="hwRa2j2s6ao" width="600" height="350"]

[youtube id="J9yf1lDUcEw" width="600" height="350"]

[youtube id="aQMrejGnycM" width="600" height="350"]

[youtube id="ALprVklZ3j8" width="600" height="350"]

[youtube id="dvZ16X9U--s" width="600" height="350"]

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