Westboro Baptist Church to protest playoff games because of Kevin Durant & “God hates the NBA”

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Throw Andrew Bynum, Dwight Howard, every Kardashian, wife of an athlete that has a reality show, most people that have reality shows, Cheif Keef and most of those Chicago rappers, in a blender, mix them up and the output still wont be hated by me as much as I hate the Phelps family and their wacko protesting Westboro Baptist Church.   If you aren’t familiar with this cult, it’s a bunch of idiots that go around and protest at funerals and events for people that they feel “God hates.”    These funerals include soldiers, victims of hate crimes and even the children of  Sandy Hook Elementary School because Connecticut’s same-sex marriage legislation is to blame for 20 dead children.

So now they want to target the NBA.  If the url of their website www.GodHatesFags.com  doesn’t give you another big hint to why then take a look at their Press Release that talks about “has-been pervert” Jason Collins, “sin-loving” Michelle Obama and even Kevin Durant!


Since when did God start hating the NBA anyways.  I can see some Lakers fans thinking God wasn’t the kindest to them this year.  Clipper fans for a while had a good case against God.  The Vancouver Grizzlies didn’t get much love from him either but the whole NBA!  Hopefully the Denver Nuggets send some of those “hitmen” that Mark Jackson said were going after Steph Curry to stop these guys.

All jokes aside, I really do H8 this organization with a passion.  I don’t care about them picketing playoff games but when I hear about Phelps and his fanatics picketing funerals it really makes me question a lot of things and fills me up with hate that nobody should have for anybody.

Source: Ball Don’t Lie

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