What does a NBA Fanatic look like on Facebook Have you ever looked at a friends Facebook profile and wondered how do they have 2,000 friends because you know they only know about 10 people ...(Read more)

What does a NBA Fanatic look like on Facebook

Have you ever looked at a friends Facebook profile and wondered how do they have 2,000 friends because you know they only know about 10 people not counting family and co-workers and out of those 10 only 4 probably like him?  Did you see that notification that your friend just became friends with a pro athlete that you know your friend has never met?  Did you ever want to unfriend your friend because when they aren’t posting inspirational or suicidal posts they are posting every dunk, block and YouTube worthy clip from last night’s NBA games (Tip: you don’t have to unfriend him risk the chance of being physically harmed. All you have to do is unsubscribe from their posts)?

If you answered yes to most of those questions then the odds are your friend is a Sports Fanatic that is using Facebook as a virtual reality where they are just one of the boys with all of the athletes and sports insiders they grew up admiring.  Maybe that’s a little extreme.  Your friend is probably just the average Joe that’s loving that Facebook allows him to interact with his idols and share interests with others that are just like him.  Let’s take a look at what a Sports Fanatic’s Facebook Profile looks like and you tell me if you have a friend like this…or are you that friend?

  1. Cover Photo:  Facebook recently launched the new timeline format that allows you to post a real nice wide picture of you and your girlfriend or family or just of you doing something that best represents you.  If you see a  big Laker logo here instead of something I just mentioned then odds are he bleeds yellow and you will probably get punched in the face if you say LeBron is better than Kobe.  If you feel like replacing that photo of you and your girlfriend with your favorite team head on over to this page on Facebook to get your team cover photo.
  2. Profile Image:  This is where you are supposed to post the best mug shot you have so people can see your pearly whites pop up all over their timeline.  What ends up happening to people with friends that are sports fanatic is they end up seeing some famous celebrity…like Spike Lee!  I love He Got Game & even liked She Hate Me but I know i’m not sharing status updates with the man that pissed off Reggie Miller and cost the Knicks a few games.
  3. Like Box.  Hundreds of likes.  There’s LeBron again. LeBron’s team the Heat. LeBron’s Nike shoe. LeBron’s favorite (fill in the blank). Even LeBron’s Statefarm commercial and your friend doesn’t even need insurance yet!  There’s nothing wrong with liking all these things but do you really like them enough to get all their status updates which will require you to scroll for minutes on your feed to see every sports related update?   If I like 20 NBA teams do I really need to like the NBA too which is going to show me something that one of team pages will show me.  A Sports Fanatic can’t take that chance of missing anything and that’s why he’s liking ESPN and every sports network too.
  4. Friends: The company you keep says it all – right?  A Sports Fanatic’s friends list is filled with hundreds to thousands of people they have never met.  Celebrities/Athletes, Sports brands, Sports reporters, bloggers, Charlotte Bobcat fans in Kansas? You are looking at these thumbnails and wondering how did he even find JR Rider on Facebook.  Did her search for Rider or was he connected to Ralph Sampson and looked at his friends list and found another player and so on until he reached Mr Rider?The worst part is you just realized that you grew up with this person and thought you knew every person he did but Facebook is telling you that you only have 7 mutual friends out of his 885 friends.
  5. Photos:  The most popular thing to do on Facebook is to look at photos.  No, playing Farmville or any other game that I don’t care to read about on my wall is not the most popular thing.  We expect to log into our account and see where are friends are at, what are they eating, who are they with and if you are older, how do they look 10 years after high school (I know not good).   What we aren’t expecting to see if is a bunch of photos of guys getting dunked on.  OK granted the photos are awesome and i’m tempted to hit the like or share button but that’s not the point.  The point is the ratio of posting a pic that you took and a pic some professional photographer took sitting courtside at the Knicks game shouldn’t be 9:1.  If you are friends with a Sports Fanatic then you have probably seen more pics of Asians in the past month then you have in the previous few years. We then move on to the fanatic’s Photo Albums and the first thing we see is a pic of LeBron James holding a dunk contest trophy.  Skip the question/comment you have about LeBron and the dunk contest and just ask yourself why is there a photo album of LeBron James in photos instead of an album called “Summer at the Beach” or “High School Graduation” or “Me just acting stupid.”
  6. Recent Activity: Really?! That’s probably the most common thing you are saying.  Flashback to 3rd grade when your best friend told you he’s now friends with the kid you all hate or 8th grade when the girl you like told you she’s now “seeing” that same kid that you hated in 3rd grade.  Now let’s come back to today and you read that your friend is now friends with former NBA lottery pick Sharone Wright.
  7. Link Sharing: The most common things I see are LOL! pics, video fails, latest music videos, links to upcoming events, something inspirational and the best sports play from last night.  Yes, this is where the average person shares a sports moment.  Not so much in the above 6 spots but right here at #7.  So what does a Sports Fanatic do to take things to another level.  They post a clip from over a decade ago of Michael Jordan making Steve Smith look bad.  C’mon, Steve Smith is doing great on TV and people have to dig up old footage of him getting embarrassed by the GOAT and sharing it with all of his new NBA “friends.”If that wasn’t fanatic enough, your friend picks themes or topics for the day and will go post happy and share every NBA dunk contest performance dating back to 1985.  The next day it’s Kobe’s Top 20 plays with 5 bonus videos.  Then he ends the week with a Jeremy Lin Career mix aka last month’s footage of Lin.

Maybe you know these people that i’m talking about.  Maybe that person i’m talking about is the person you will see the next time you look into the mirror….wearing a Lakers snap back cap and a Kobe shirt.  Don’t be ashamed, be proud and show off your love for your favorite player, team, sport and enjoy Facebook.  Just don’t send me a friend request.

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