2012 NBA Dunk Contest Full Re-Cap Mix! Which Contest Was Better!?

Published on February 27th, 2012 by Matt S. Rodriguez | 4,307 views

This year was one of the best all around year’s for all 3 NBA dunk contests. Whether you want to admit it or not, the past 2 year’s NBA dunk contests were actually pretty exciting. It has actually been the rules of the contests that has really messed things up. This year the fan voting was definitely a terrible idea. You can decide for yourself but I thought the build up to each dunk was pretty well scripted especially the glow in the dark dunk by Paul George.

Second was the NBDL Dunk contest. Although the NBA D League is an after thought to the NBA fan, on this certain day the NBDL managed to upstage the NBA in it’s most celebrated All Star weekend event. LD Williams (winner), Chris Roberts, Zach Andrews and Courtney Eldenson put on an impressive show during half time of the NBDL All-Star game.

I’m sure most of us will agree that the Amateur dunk contest was easily the best “contest” of the bunch. Kenny Dobbs not only got the crowd involved with the build up of dunks but he had the flare, style and creativity you want in a dunk contest by pulling out new dunks that the crowd has never before seen.

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