Stephen Jackson explains why he choked Steve Francis

The always entertaining Stephen Jackson, father of 6 and rapper on the side, was on ‘Highly Questionable’ with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones to talk about being a dad and getting yelled at his mom because of the Steve Francis choking incident that happened a couple of months ago but went viral just a couple of days ago.

Everybody knows that trying to take some shine away from the MC with the mic on stage is a big no no.  It’s even a bigger no no when the guy on the mic is Stephen Jackson who has a pretty bad rap (no pun intended) because of the Malice At the Palace and a few off the court incidents including a shootout at a Indiana strip club back in 2006.

Jackson was just trying to perform at a packed Club Roxy when Steve Francis, who is not a friend of Jackson, started doing his best 90′s Puff Daddy impersonation and jumped behind Stak like he was Craig Mack. After bumping Jackson three times, Jackson stopped rapping to have a few words with the Franchise.  Arguments ensued and then Stephen Jackson did his best Dhalism impersonation and “somehow his hands ended up on Francis’s throat and the next thing you know Francis is in cuffs.”

If you haven’t seen the entire “Queens of the Club” episode with Jhonni Blaze & Htown Ciara then enjoy the following and YES this is Houston and the type of night life that Slim Thug was talking about when he was recruiting Dwight Howard.

As for Jackson, the man that “makes love to pressure,” I really do hope he finds his way back on a team and wouldn’t mind seeing him with the Rockets and not just because I’ll probably end up seeing him on Richmond and Westhiemer.


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