A couple of weeks ago we started the BALLISLIFE  UNCONTAINABLE GIVEAWAY CONTEST and asked our fans and followers to settle the argument “Who is Better: Kobe ...(Read more)

Winner of the Ballislife Sprite Uncontainable Contest | Kobe vs LeBron


A couple of weeks ago we started the BALLISLIFE  UNCONTAINABLE GIVEAWAY CONTEST and asked our fans and followers to settle the argument “Who is Better: Kobe or LeBron”  

We  recieved a lot of great posts on Twitter and Facebook and we have picked a winner to win the SPRITE UNCONTAINABLE ALUMINUM BRIEFCASE filled with goodies from Nike, Sprite, Coby & Monster which includes a HD video camera, Dre beats headphones and a Sprite Uncontainable Jersey that some of the world’s best streetballers will be wearing at the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend in a game coached by Kobe and LeBron.

The winner is Clement Amofa who picked LeBron as the most Uncontainable and had the most positive feedback from other Facebook posters.

Clement Amofa You could say LeBron is better than Kobe on an account of numerous reasons, since this i’ll go in timeline order, LeBron was arguably the most hyped player in NBA history coming out of high school, being drafted #1 overall by a terrible team, with a questionable front desk, as compared to Kobe be drafted 13th overall by a team he refused to play for. During Kobe’s rookie campaign, he averaged a mere 7.6 PPG and started 6 games and just made the all rookie 2nd team, while on the other hand LeBron averaged 21 PPG and won rookie of the year, Kobe wouldn’t go on to average 21 PPG until his fourth year in the NBA. It took Kobe 7 years to average more than 30 points a contest, LeBron went on to do that in only his 3rd season in the NBA. Since LeBron has entered the NBA, he has dominated Kobe in all the major stats excluding points (Rebounds, Assists, Steals and Blocks). Since LeBron’s second season in the league, LeBron has held the Player Efficiency Rating over Kobe, Player Efficiency Rating shows how much a player contributes to his team, all time the only player who has the edge over LeBron in that category is none other than Michael Jordan. LeBron joined Michael Jordan as the only player to have a ring,finals MVP, multiple NBA MVP’s, Olympic gold medal, NBA scoring title and As one could simply say “Kobe has more rings he is better” I could simply prove why that claim well is true, but does not show who is the better player.

Before LeBron had entered the league, Kobe had 3 rings to his name, one of them coming from the questionable playoff series in 2002 which Tim Donaghy linked to his game fixing record. Since LeBron has been in the league Kobe has won two championships, while LeBron has won one. Although that is, Kobe Bryant has had a well oiled team in each of his championship runs. He has always had that one player who you could look and say “wow he’s an every year out NBA all-star” during his first 3 title runs he had Shaq, who was well the face of the Lakers organization who scored 41 points in the controversial game 6 of the Western Conference Final that kept the Lakers title run alive. During his back to back title run in 09-’10 he had Pau Gasol, who has been an All-Star every season since he joined the Lakers (excluding the 2012 season), Pau Gasol averaged a double double during the finals and playoffs of those respective seasons. Up until joining the Heat, LeBron has had 1 all-star on his team, Guard Mo Williams, who after leaving the cavaliers has found himself on the trade block almost every season. In 2007 LeBron led argubably one of the worst NBA Finals teams in NBA history to the finals against the spurs, only to get swept by the 3 time champion San Antonio Spurs. LeBron proved to be a dumbell on cloth for the Cleveland Cavaliers, leading them to the best record in the NBA in the 2009 season, after leaving the Cavs in 2009, the exact season of James departure led to the Cavaliers landing the worst record in the NBA, thus being the first team to go from Best Record to Worst record in the season. Kobe is known as the clutch primetime scorer between the two, when in all actuality LeBron is. In clutch time: When a player is looking to score or tie the game with fewer than 24 seconds to play, Kobe is 7-27 (26%) While on the other hand LeBron is 5-12 (41%), LeBron has been known for carrying his teams in tough games for example Game 5 of the ECF vs the Detroit Pistons, he scored the final 25 points for his team to seal the victory. We all watched the mighty games 6 and 7 of ECF in 2012, where he manged to put up 45-10-5, something that has never been done. Game 4 of the 2012 NBA Finals, where LeBron hits a go-ahead three pointer on an extreme leg cramp, limping and hopping back to the bench. Giving himself one more game to capture his first NBA Title, it is tough to say how many rings LeBron would truly have if he had all the help has needed, showing with the help of his Miami big 3, he’s perfect 2-2 on finals attempts. Although Kobe is on a legendary status, LeBron is the better between the two.

Other great posts include

Brad Billing Perhaps the most talked about argument in sports. Who’s better Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. Everyone talks about Lebron having better stats, but stats can lie. Kobes first two seasons in the NBA, he barely played. He averaged less than 30 minutes per game which brought his stats down jurrastically. Kobe has a better scoring ability because of his footwork and body control. You can not talk about Lebron being a better rebounder because he has taller with a bigger body mass. He is also depended on to rebound for his team. Kobe has more rings then Lebron. Lebron has played more than half the amount of seasons that Kobe has played and has 20% of the rings he has. Kobe has 5 and Lebron has 1. Lebron has more mvps simply because Kobe played with Michael Jordan and other greats. Michael Jordan is respectively the best player to ever play basketball. When it is all said and done who knows whos the best thats another argument. I talked to Tobias Harris the other day and I asked him, “who is the best player in the NBA considering youve played with most of them? He said, “Lebron is…. one of the best players in the NBA but Kobe is the best. His shot is uncontainable.” The game is scored in points and Kobe does that the best. He has a better mid range game than anybody in the league. This season with Nash Kobe will do much better because Kobe used to have to create his own shot and get to his spot while dribbling the ball which takes alot of energy. This year he will be able to get to his spot and score which will take less energy to do everything better. Who’s starving more for NBA championships more than Kobe Bryant? There is no one he has an assassins mentality. Lil Wayne said this in his song, Kobe Bryant. In respect to Lebron he is second best to the black mamba Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant at this time is the best player in the NBA.


Chris Youssef ‎Ballislife: It’s A Movement: Being better than someone is one thing, but being UNCONTAINABLE is another. Both Kobe and LeBron are uncontainable, so picking a clear winner is very hard. It literally means you cant be guarded and WILL NOT BE STOPPED while competing for a championship ring. Kobe has 5 rings while LeBron has 1. some say that it is because kobe had shaq, but Kobe has won 2 championships back-to-back without shaq. Kobe got his first ring at age 21 in only his fourth season in the NBA. It took Lebron 9 seasons and at age 27. Lets not forget that Lebron also had to leave cleveland and go to miami to join two other superstars to win his ring. If I had to pick sides for different skills it would be this: better shooter=kobe better driver=Lebron better ball handler= lebron better passer= lebron Most CLUTCH= kobe. And, kobe is also amazing at all these skills but lebron has a slight edge on some of them. to compare STATS i would say kobe has a slight edge in scoring but lebron dominates kobe in rebounds, blocks, steals, assists etc. Also Lebron is a much more elite athlete. Lebron is 6 foot 9 260 pounds of solid muscle with great speed and a 40+ inch vertical who can posterize almost anybody and can literally play any position. He has guarded the quickest point guards and shooting guards, as well as the strongest forwards and even can shut down the 7 footer Pau Gasol. So Kobe has more of the skills to win in the NBA but LeBron has all of the skills and Athletic abilities to be more uncontainable so in a street ball game I would pick THE MOST UNCONTAINABLE PLAYER LEBRON JAMES.


Mickhel Patterson Since 2006, Lebron has been better than Kobe; meaning Lebron was better than Kobe ever was (Kobe was in his prime then). Sorry but it’s true. Other than winning rings due to it being a team sport and having better teammates (until he joined the heat), Lebron is and has been better in every aspect of the game other than at the foul line. Now i’m not saying Lebron has had a better career, because part of the career is accolades. Individually, Lebron has done more (3rd MVP in about 2 months, possible DPOY, highest PER ever all in this year alone) even though he’s played half as much. Individually it’s not even close, Kobe really hasn’t done anything as an individual other than taking 40 shots and 30 free throws get over the 80 point mark (all-star mvp/being an all-star isn’t much of an accomplishment for a superstar, although Lebron will likely have just as many or more if he plays as long as Kobe). The only reason Kobe’s career is considered greater, is because of rings as it should be. Lebron has his chance to win multiple titles now while Kobe’s title chasing is done (unless they buy more superstars to carry them to the finals, again).

1. Individually whose a better basketball player: Lebron hands down, sorry but when your more athletic, faster, stronger, have unmatched endurance, shoot better from minute 1-48/ot, take better shots, make more shots, shoot less, pass more, better court vision on offense and defense, defend better, less selfish, willing to pass the ball to the open man rather than jacking up game winning misses for the chance of a espn highlight + fanboys, all stats show your better including advanced stats, and you have a PER that the other couldn’t dream of (not just this season). Your better, you just are. Some of fanboys say well if you give Kobe and Lebron switched athleticism it would be different…Put me in Usain bolts body and i’ll be the fastest man ever. One reason were on B/R and not on the court is because we weren’t given genes directly out of gods nuts.

2. Who has had the greater career? Kobe so far. Kobe has 5 rings, Lebron has 1. Your career is based on accolades. Kobe has 5 rings due to himself and his team + coach. Lebron so far just has individual accolades and stats never seen before (based on the stats and possession differences Lebron would average around 40 14 13 if he played in the same day as Oscar)

3. Who has the potential to be the greatest player ever? Lebron, why? Lebrons individually one of the greatest to ever play already. To be the greatest ever you have to have both rings + individual dominance (reason Jordan > Russell) In a month it is very possible lebron could win a ring + finals mvp + mvp + possible DPOY+ PER higher than anyone ever and then decides to quit basketball for good, he’s already going to be considered one of the top 10 to ever play. Win 2, top 5 (considering he has plays for at least another 3-4 years after, he’ll probably play another 7 or 8 but more if he’s in contention for GOAT). Win 3, it’s MJ and Magic, then Lebron unless Kobe wins another. Win 4+ then it’s up to the judges. He’ll probably end up with 1 or 2 DPOY, 4-8 MVPS, hopefully 4+ rings, and possibly/probably will break the all time scoring record (every 1000 he gets he’s the youngest ever to do it, people say he’ll slow down yet he’s the most versatile player of all time so i’m sure he can jack up jumpshots when he no longer can dunk from the foul line. Lebron’s probably the last person in the next 50 years that has a chance of doing this, last great superstar to come straight from high school.)

4. Who has the potential to have the greatest career ever? Kobe or Lebron. Kobe seems like he can play another 5 years if he wanted. If they were to acquire Rondo, other key guys, etc he could win another ring or two (unlikely but for the sake of argument). Lebron can still win not 5, not 6, etc…he’s young and he has a great set of teammates..much like MJ, Magic, Kobe, list goes on and on. Also, obviously he’s already considered one of the greatest to ever play skill/production wise.

Oh and for anyone who cries about Lebron’s decision and going to play with other superstars which ‘other stars like MJ, Magic, and Kobe would nevvvverrr do’ seriously shut up haha. When you’re on the cavs but continuously win 55, 60, 65 + wins per season..your not getting anything from the draft like jordan. Also, when management can’t get a half decent player to ever consider joining..then do it yourself by going somewhere where you have a shot. Magic had a few great teammates, one named kareem. Kobe was placed in the hands of the yankees, i mean lakers and right into Phils hands with Shaq, Fox, malone, etc etc etc etc. Then when Shaq is forced out, Kobe can’t get past the first round or even to the playoffs. So he cries until he gets gasol + bynum, etc.


We would like to thank everybody that participated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on ballislife.com.   We are always running contests and if you aren’t following us on Twitter then you are missing out on weekly giveaways for Ballislife gear.

Be sure to check out the Uncontainable game at AllStar weekend.  We had a blast covering the events during the summer and looking forward to seeing the winners compete for Kobe and LeBron.


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