Winners & Losers of the Great NBA Emoji Battle With The Clippers, Mavs, Warriors, Kobe & Michael Jordan


On Wednesday, July 8th of 2015, the NBA had its first Emoji battle. It started off as a duel between the Mavs and Clippers over DeAndre Jordan. It soon became an online war that included the NBA champion Warriors, 5-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant and the champion of champions, Michael “The GOAT” Jordan!

The young Clippers, especially Blake Griffin, did a great job at landing some hilarious bombs while veteran Paul Pierce looked a little out of place when he entered the battle by uploading a gif instead of using an emoji.

When all the dust was settled, the big winners were Pierce and the Clippers, who were able to end their shootout with the Mavs by resigning DeAndre Jordan to a 4-year, $87.7 million max deal.

The biggest loser of the day was Chris Broussard and his sources.