WTF: Latin Girls run onto court and dance with Boris Diaw & friends while other team stays frozen

Published on September 24th, 2012 by Astramskas, David | 2,159 views

Unless you want to watch footage that isn’t as exciting as you think of latin girls practicing their dance moves, I suggest you go to the 4 minute mark of this video to see what I assumed was a plan routine where the latin girls ran on the court in a middle of a game and danced with the French team made up of “Boris Diaw and friends (Tony Parker & Ronny Turiaf) while the other team stayed frozen.

Here’s the YouTube description

Show des Latin Girls lors du match de charité organisé par Boris DIAW et ses amis contre les JSA de Bordeaux à la salle Jean DAUGUET. Ce fut un moment inoubliable, nous avons fait de belles rencontres : Boris DIAW, TAL, Tony PARKER, Ronny TURIAF, Christophe BEAUGRAND, Ariane BRODIER, DJ Cut Killer.

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