Lakers Xavier Henry with the “dunk of the year nominee” over ex Kansas teammate Jeff Withey

“I knew it was Jeff,” Henry via “He decided to take a charge and that wasn’t the right thing for him.”

I know, I know. Everyday we say every other dunk is the dunk of the night, week, month, year, decade, of all-time but this dunk courtesy of the Lakers’ Xavier Henry over his ex Kansas Jayhawk teammate Jeff Withey does deserve consideration to be one of the dunks of the (fill in the blank).

The crime came near the end of the 3rd quarter when the Lakers were UP BY 22(!) against the Pelicans.  Xavier saw the rim and his old friend between him and the rim and decided to take flight. Seconds later the Twitterverse exploded. An hour later the blogosphere exploded and hours later we now have either a “Dunk of the Year nominee” or an “Overrated Dunk.”  No matter what you want to label it, it was an exceptional dunk by Henry who had a good game (15 points) in a game that made Laker fans pretty happy especially ones like Joey Pilaro who was sitting in Section 101, Row A and happen to be filming the game with his iPhone.

I’m sure Jeff is going to get sick of seeing himself getting dunked on today so I thought I should show this summer league video of him swatting some shots just to let people know that Jeff isn’t just one of those guys that you can just come across, call up, give them a facial and then leave without even remembering his name.  That last sentence came out as subliminally pornographic as most of the NBA’s YouTube titles now but the intention was good and effort was there and that’s exactly what can be said about  Jeff.







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