10 Things to be Thankful For: Basketball Edition

The loss of Derrick Rose has made for a sad week for NBA fans. Just when we thought he was back for good, he tears his meniscus and now his career is in question. We should be happy, though! Not for the Rose injury, that will always be depressing. But for the NBA and basketball in general.

1. Theres Basketball on Today

That’s right. Football isn’t the only sport on the menu all day for hoop heads who need their fix. There’s a plethora of college hoops over on the ESPN networks all day and running into the evening. So you can leave the TV on and enjoy the college atmosphere while you eat. It’s also a good excuse as to why you missed grandma’s question of why you don’t call more.

2. Kobe Bryant’s Nearing His Return

The Lakers just haven’t been the same since the Mamba went down last season and perhaps there’s no greater gift than hearing him say that he’s coming back soon and seeing him practice.

3. Miracles Like These Still Happen

Buzzer beaters never get old. Especially when one’s from deeper than half court and the other is over some cocky defender.

4. This

5. Being able to Witness CP3 be the Floor General he is.

I hope people appreciate how good Chris Paul really is. All stats aside, the guy is a surgeon on the court. There’s not a better point guard in the game than Chris Paul. That comes from his ability to see things faster than most can. He’s running a faster offense than previous Clipper teams are used to, under new head coach, Doc Rivers, and he’s not just doing okay, he’s thriving. It’s amazing to watch and it’s the reason the Clippers have been on the come up since he’s arrived in LA.

7. Uncle Drew is Still Recruiting

I’ve yet to come across anyone that doesn’t like the Uncle Drew videos. They’re awesome. Kyrie Irving dresses up like an old man and shows up at random courts in the inner city somewhere and balls out on some unsuspecting players. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s chapter three.

8. LeBron James

There’s not even much to say about this one. Being alive to witness dominance like the King executes on the court is something special. He’s still in his prime and is already a first ballot hall-of-famer with two rings. This isn’t about comparing him to anyone. This is about being thankful for getting to witness his game.

9. Stephen Curry

I don’t even think Curry;s human. His three-point shooting percentage is insane and he can shoot it from pretty much anywhere inside half court. Put a hand in his face, it doesn’t matter. He’s a human highlight reel and essentially the modern day Reggie Miller. It wouldn’t surprise anyone to see him break all the three-point records in existence if he keeps this up.


There’s a reason this site exists. It’s the reason a lot of people are who they are and why so many people are happy. It’s the reason a lot of kids are able to stay out of trouble and so many of us have a place to escape to when times are tough. It’s kept us entertained, inspired and always wanting more. For some people, it’s their first love. It doesn’t take a special day of the year to be thankful for anything specific, but let’s take special note of it today. For every suicide ran, every ankle broken, every game winner, heartbreaker, shot swatted, poster created, cinderella story, state champion, national champion, NBA champion and the city league champion full of fort-year-olds who weren’t good enough to play next level. For every memory made, every pick up game, every pair of Jordan’s, Space Jam, Mars Blackman, Mutombo finger waves, Reggie Miller choke signs, Spike Lee temper tantrums and every moment that’s ever made us go, “Wow.”

Let’s be thankful for basketball… It’s the reason you’re reading this right now.


Happy Thanksgiving from Ballislife. Have fun, enjoy time with your loved ones, over eat, watch some hoops and be safe






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