11 Year Old Jaden Newman Drops 59 Points with 16 DEEP 3-Pointers!

11 year old Jaden Newman started off the season by dropping 57 points in a home opener. That would be a career-best game for most kids in the 6th grade (or any grade) but that was just another game for Newman.

In her latest game, Newman scored a ridiculous 59 points and connected on a more ridiculous 16 3-pointers. Not ridiculous enough? Most of those 3’s looked like they were NBA range 3-pointers inspired by watching to many Steph Curry highlights.

If she keeps this up, she just might be able to one day mark “first woman to play in the NBA” off her checklist. ¬†And one day, Steph Curry might be able to mark “beat Jaden Newman in a shooting contest” off his checklist since he lost the first time he tried.

Obviously Curry is a better shooter than her (and every human being that has ever touched a basketeball) but I wonder if she’s better now than he was when he was 11?