15 month old Baby makes 6 shots in a row

Check out this SICK footage of this future McDonalds & Ballislife All-American, John Wooden winner, 4x NBA All-Star and 2x NBA Champion.  I know he’s only 15 months old (why do parents still say months when the kid is over a year old?) but we are great at “spotting potential and hyping them up to be sure thing talents.”

Well, that’s what some people think when we feature ballers that are “just kids.” Obviously we have no idea if this baby will turn into the next Steph Curry, Seth Curry, Seth McFarlane or Seth Rogan but I’m willing to bet he’s the best shooter in his class…daycare class that is.

Maybe the parents of this kid should set a play date with the parents of veteran Titus so the 2 year old who can beat Shaq and Kobe can give this kid some tips.


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