15 Suspended & 1 Player Kicked Off Team After Women's Basketball Brawl

"I've been involved with basketball for 30-plus years, and I've never seen anything like it. It's an embarrassment," said Southern coach Sandy Pugh.

The female version of the Malice at the Palace went down during a game between Texas Southern and Southern University this past weekend. The result of the brawl was 15 total players receiving a suspension, 1 player from Southern U getting kicked off the team and a double forfeiture.

"After reviewing the video footage and conferring with our administration, our program made the decision to dismiss Keonia Parrish from the team based on her involvement in Saturday's incident at Texas Southern," coach Sandy Pugh said in a statement. "We would like to reiterate that any behavior of this nature is extreme and completely beyond the boundaries of tolerable. As a result, we felt that an immediate dismissal was warranted. We wish Keonia the best in her future endeavors."

Texas Southern, who would have been the first seed in the SWAC tournament, had to withdraw from the tourney due to lack of available players.

"After deliberate consultation and review with our conference office regarding the incident that transpired on March 7, 2015, we've come to the decision that our women's basketball team will not participate in the upcoming 2015 SWAC Women's Basketball Tournament, as we would not be able to successfully field a competitive team due to the number of suspensions," Texas Southern athletics director Charles McClelland said in release announcing the school's decisiion.

"In addition to the multigame suspensions handed down from our league office, we will also be imposing some additional measures to ensure that our student-athletes fully understand the severity of what took place on Saturday. With that being said, we're not going to throw in the towel or give up on these young ladies."

The whole mess started early in the 2nd half when a Texas Southern player took exception to a charge from a Southern player. The two girls did some shoving before chaos erupted when both teams got involved and fought throughout the gym.

Source: Complex