15 year old Remy Minor with the nasty Shammgod crossover on defender

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TJ Ford

Check out 15 year old Remy Minor with the Shammgod crossover on his defender.

The Bush High School freshman played for TJ Ford's ( a guy who knows a thing or two about breaking ankles) Elite AAU basketball team this past summer along with hoop phenom Jalen Preston (another man - very, very young man - who knows a thing or two about breaking ankles).

Ford posted the video Minor on Instagram and wrote "You will know him before it's all over." Well, if he continues to make moves like this, then "over" might be in the very near future and lucky for me I live nearby so I'll have a front row seat to see and hear all the ankle breakin' goodness.

Shout out to TJ Ford and his coaches Regis Devonish, Travis Courtney and Daryl Leonard. They are doing some great things with the youth and future basketball stars in the Houston area with their basketball team and academy. You can learn more about it or join them by going to http://tjfordbasketball.com/


S/o @remywgb Remy Minor had a great game tonight 25 points 10 rebounds 8 assist and only 2 turnovers @tjfordbasketball @take_over10 @chali_t @kesef2 @modrenaissance @mrbarber23 @carey_r @ezmoneykt

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