18 basketball players suspended for Mapua-EAC brawl

A game between The Mapua Cardinals and Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) on Monday ended 28.5 seconds early due to a bench-clearing brawl which led to a bunch of suspensions.

Leo Gabo (4 games)
Jomari Tubiano (3 games)
Justin Serrano (2 games)
James Galoso (2 games)
Exequiel Biteng (2 games)
Andoy Estrella (2 games)
Jerome Canaynay (1 game)
Ronnel Villaseñor (1 game)
Darrel Magsigay (1 game)

John Tayongtong (5 games)
Sidney Onwubere (3 games)
Jan Jamon (3 games)
Ariel Aguilar (3 games)
Jack Arquero (3 games)
John Santos (2 games)
Manel Quilanita (2 games)
Edsel Saludo (2 games)
Faustine Pascual (1 game)

Here's a breakdown of the fight by Rappler.com

Towards the end of the matchup between the Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals and Mapua Cardinals, EAC point guard John Tayongtong shouldered off a Mapua defender, to which a Mapua player responded by pushing Tayongtong to the floor. The confrontation quickly escalated when the original defender was knocked to the floor by a Tayongtong right hook.

Source: Slam Online Ph


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