18 Years of Coach Pop Watching Vince Carter Dunk Against His Spurs

Gregg Popovich has been watching Vince Carter throw down dunks against his Spurs since 1999. So it’s understandable why he looked so annoyed after the 40-year old threw down a dunk in the 3rd quarter of the Spurs loss to the Grizzlies on Thursday. It also didn’t help that Pop’s Spurs were down by 14 when the dunk happened and were outscored 31-17 in the quarter.

Carter finished the game with just one other bucket for four points but wasn’t needed as the trio of Z-Bo, Gasol and Conley each scored 20+.

In honor of the dunk, let’s look back at the best dunks by Vinsanity that Pop had to the pleasure of witnessing live.

1999 on David Robinson

2003 on Tim Duncan

2008 on Finley & Parker

2011 Spin Move & Dunk

2014 on Tim Duncan